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AITS FX Webtrader

AITS FX WebTrader is not live yet....please be patient! We're working hard behind the scenes to get it ready.

AITS FX cloud-based WebTrader gives you free and direct access to your MetaTrader 4 account from the web. The intuitive design enables quick and easy access without the need for platform downloads or installations. With full trading functionality, trading via the web has never been easier.

Access from any device, including mobile

AITS FX WebTrader works across multiple operating systems, including Mac OSX, Linux, Windows and mobile operating systems. With emphasis on smartphone interface design, the WebTrader is a stable alternative for traders wanting reliability and functionality while on the go.

Live depth of market

Transparency is key when it comes to knowing whether your orders can be filled at the price you want. The AITS FX WebTrader provides a live depth of market display that allows traders to analyse the ECN order book to make more informed trade decisions. See pockets of liquidity and trade large lot sizes with confidence.

One click trading

With one click trading functionality built in to the WebTrader, the speed sensitive trader has the ability to quickly enter and exit market positions with a single click of a button. This feature was designed to give our clients the edge they need when trading fast moving markets.

Simple to use interface

We wanted to make the decision-making process easier for our  traders and having a straight forward, easy-to-use trading interface is a key element of this pursuit. The AITS FX WebTrader interface is designed to enable traders to log on and start trading, spending less time navigating through the trading terminal and spending more time on what really counts.

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