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AITS FX uses UltiMT. It is an enterprise grade product that provides high performance, high availability and scalability for MT4 brokers and fund managers. The solution accepts all MetaTrader order types, supports Expert Advisor and enables comprehensive order flow and position management through a streaming user interface and comprehensive back-office suite.

The technology at the core of the new offering is a single platform that supports all trading, credit, liquidity, risk management, reporting and other functionality. UltiMT can process trades entered via MetaTrader front ends in under 10 milliseconds and delivers additional performance and operational benefits.

UltiMT builds on integrated MetaTrader technology that has been in continuous production since 2003, consistently processing trade daily volumes of USD 12 billion and monthly ticket volumes of 5.5 million.

In addition, the platform incorporates a low latency, DMA trading platform that has been in use since 2009. UltiMT has been rigorously tested with leading brokers in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom, where it is experiencing 100 per cent uptime performance and zero out trades.


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