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Unlike most brokerages we don’t need to use vps or several data links. We use a server which is hosted in the very hard to attain NY4 data centre in New York.

AITSFX utilises world-class technology solutions and a robust trading platform for institutional market participants. All AITS FX platforms and their underlying operating infrastructure have been developed from the ground up to support direct market access in the foreign exchange market. This single focus has produced a system that supports low latency DMA trading with remarkable operational stability and reliability. The system at the core of AITS FX technology infrastructure is a single platform that supports all trading, credit, liquidity, risk management, reporting and other functionality. By using a single, unified system, AITS FX can process trades in under one millisecond and ensure optimal operational stability and reliability.

The AITS FX technology system has been in continuous production and development since 2009. In live operations at the world’s leading brokers, the same systems have run for years without a moment of downtime. AITS FX  UltiMT™ MetaTrader broker solution has been in production since 2003 consistently processing trade daily volumes of USD12 billion and monthly ticket volumes of 5.5 million. Capacity constraints with MetaTrader are not a factor with UltiMT, which can process tens of thousands of orders per session. AITS FX technology solution  utilisation and operational infrastructure are used on a hosted basis.